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Be aware that not all
automotive mirrors
con-form to Federal
Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards (FMVSS 111).
All FIT SYSTEM mirrors
have been manufactured
to these standards
to insure quality,
safety and uniformity.

S4. Flat plane mirrors must reflect a Unit Magnification. This means that anything you see in a mirror must be the same height and width as the actual object you are looking at; from the same distance.

S5. All inside rear view mirror lenses must be a flat plane lens of Unit Magnification.

S5.2 All outside mirror lenses on the driverís side must be a flat plane lens of Unit Magnification.

S5.3 Outside mirrors on the passenger's side may have either a flat plane lens; or a convex lens.

S5.4 If the lens is convex, an inscription must be permanently marked into it which reads "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear".

Technology. The appropriately name Vision System is one such innovation.


Technical Information
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31. Truck Universal 80710 Not Available
32. Truck Universal 81300 Not Available
33. Truck Universal 81600 Not Available
34. Truck Universal 81810 Not Available
35. Truck Universal 62073G Not Available
36. Truck Universal 62074G Not Available
37. Truck Universal 62073-74G Not Available
38. Truck Universal 62075G Not Available
39. Truck Universal 62076G Not Available
40. Truck Universal 62075-76G Not Available
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